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Subject: Re: stop and resume
Author: Yao Nabine
Date: 10/22/2010 18:45
> > I stopped downloading and turned off a computer.
> > Next day it started download from beginning.
> > How can I tell the program to continue from where
> it
> > stopped?> 
> You can't. Cancel is broken on the 3.4x series.
> There is only pause and resume.
> Don't cancel, don't stop. Pause it and hibernate.

Thanks for the previous answer, I was having a problem with stop and resume
too; and have some more enquiries.
- What then is the use of "Save" in the menu.
- Can I not just SAVE and then Exit; shut down the computer and restart
HTTRACK nex day by choosing "continue interrupted Download" ? I am using
httrack-3.43-9C. Thanks for reply.
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