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Subject: Re: How to d/l site from GROU.PS.COM
Author: William Roeder
Date: 10/29/2010 16:32
> First time user trying to copy (using defaults)a
> whole site/group from - It seems to be
> working but is downloading all the stuff from the
> side adverts & background links (I think!)- much
> larger than the site contents.
> What filters can I use as I am not sure of what it
> all looks like behind the scene?> GROU.PS.COM is starting to charge although
they does not exist. Always post the command used (log file line two or
doit.log) so we know what you did, not what you think you did.
If you mean that site has links to many different sites, and lots
of javascript that HTT can't handle. Images and JS come from other sites,
you'll need the near flag (get non-html related)

> Also How easy is it to copy the HTTRACK copy onto
> another site?Httrack mirror is not a copy. It is a static snapshot. Forms
will not work, no server side code (asp, cgi) only the html output and related
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How to d/l site from GROU.PS.COM

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