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Subject: Deleted or not saved downloaded files
Author: Tony
Date: 06/21/2002 06:34
Congrat's to the team that made this software avalible. As 
much as I have a problem now, I have used this software 
with great success in the past. And it's free :)

I'm using the Ver 3.20.
I am caching a page that has links to FTP files, which are 
hiden if logged onto via a standard FTP prog. There is no 
authentication needed, and all are on the same FTP server 
I can download the files via IE6 through the webpage no 
Configured HTTrack to 'get external files' of which it 
does, you can see it dl them, even in the log it says that 
it has saved them. 
But when you go to the place that it stated it saved them - 
they are not there. The html page is, just not all the zip 
& rar ext. files.
Searched my hdd for them, none can be found. :(

If I cache other webpages(not same site), it works 100% 

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Deleted or not saved downloaded files

06/21/2002 06:34
Re: Deleted or not saved downloaded files

06/21/2002 20:17


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