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Subject: Sitepoint Live Courses
Author: Neil
Date: 11/06/2010 00:20

I have been trying for a while now to download the Live courses from that I ahve purchased and taken part in. I DO NOT wish to pass
them onto others that have not paid for the courses themselves but to use it
as offline references.

I have tried using the method of changing proxy settings to capture login
details but I don;t get any message stating the details have been cpatured. It
just doesn't seem to work. 

An example link I'm trying to download is:


The main page I want is after the login and all pages thereafter.

If someone can help me then it would be extremely appreciated.

Some of the pages also have embedded youtube videos on them. I DO NOT need
these to be downloaded as I ahve manually downloaded those and will insert
links to the video files in the downloaded files manually once the pages ahve

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11/06/2010 00:20
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