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Subject: WinHTTrack crashing
Author: dnt
Date: 06/21/2002 06:40
Howdy, I'm using 3.20RC1 to mirror a .TXT list of 8 web 
sites. When I uped the number of sites to 15 WinHTTrack 
crashed every time I used it. Mostly using no options and 
and pretty standard scan rules - I've excluded two URLs and 
set No external pages. WinHTTrack is crashing before 
completing the whole mirror. I'm running on a Win2000 PC, 
no other apps are running, I'm using a pentium with 128MB 
of RAM. I have the Win dows process monitor running and I 
can see that WinHTTRack is taking upto 100% of CPU. When 
its crached the monitor is locked at 100% of CPU. Is there 
a memory issue with WinHTTRack? Nothing on the PC has 
changed since the last sucessful mirror, and I can see 
nothing unusual in what has been mirrored so far. Any help 
or light that can be shed would be appreciated, thanks, dnt

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