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Subject: Grabbing links.
Author: HTTrack User
Date: 11/12/2010 13:52
I've search a bit for my question, but I don't find anything which compares,
maybe because of bad strings which I was looking for - I dunno. Ok, what is
the issue? I want to grab all links. ONLY links, no movs, imgs,
csses, jses and other garbage, only links with main domain What
for? Because I need them. So what I am looking for? I want HTTrack to go to and follow every links and write them into one file
e.g. file.txt with data like:


Is that possible? And if is - how can I set it in HTTrack.

Tx for all advices.

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Grabbing links.

11/12/2010 13:52
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11/12/2010 18:27
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