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Subject: Re: Page links download
Author: William Roeder
Date: 11/22/2010 16:43
> when you click on the title "School and istitutions:
> a lesson of life. Poverty and social exclusion, a
> topic to think about."  on the bottom of the page 
> <>
> isc/gallery.cfm?act=2&lang=en&r=231&t=LATINA>

> the problem is when I download it With HTTrack it
> doesn't show me the content of page which appears
> and I can't also download data attached to the page
The default is to go down only. /apps/... is not below /ww/en... Either change
the setting (in experts) or add a filter to allow all*

> I tried to download it  with maximal external depth 
> configured to "1" but it started to download
> everything and it during eternities ( I supposed
> that but I wanted try everything )  
the content is all internal so external is irrevalent (and it is currently

> I also selected all check box one by one in links
> tab an all together and nothing worked.
not the problem.

> The only way which I found is to enter manually  URL
> of page which appears + URL source of video (
> multimedia )
what video, none on that page
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