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Subject: url too long: serialisation error: too many retry
Author: Luc
Date: 12/02/2010 04:45
I found the following message in hts-log.txt :

18:12:03	Info: 	engine: warning: serialize error for
to D:/Archives/txt/sites
open error: No such file or directory (directory exists, file does not exist)

This means that when encountering a very long url, httrack tries to creates a
very long file name, and windows refuses. This is normal and expected.

The problem is that httrack retries to create this same file thousands of
times, during hours, generating more than 400Mo of log.

Maybe, on such a serialisation error, the engine should try 10 times and then
gives up...

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url too long: serialisation error: too many retry

12/02/2010 04:45


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