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Subject: Grabbing pictures only
Author: Diosinope
Date: 06/21/2002 21:14
I've been using HTTrack only with default settings, and very well it works too.
But I made a mistake of mirroring a picture collection site. It finally came
in at 165MB which is no joke when you are on a dial-up connection. The current
one I've been doing is up to 2GB and is only half-way through the links
identified so far (several days on and off).

Question 1: Is there any way to estimate the size of a site before starting?
Question 2: I don't want a working site just the full-sized images. 
   a.What options do I need to set to capture only .jpg, jpeg, jpe.
   b.Can I exclude thumbnails by excluding images under 10k 
   b.Can I set an upper limit of say 500k
   d.Can I only capture images with nudity

Thanks for a great program with support you wouldn't get from a commercial
program. It is nice to find a forum where questions are answered quickly and
patiently without the RTFM responses you get in some forums.

Some wishes.

Could the window displaying the the files being downloaded be widened. It is
not always easy to work out the path of the files, so you can go to the folder
to examine the files. 

Could a small window be provided to display errors as they occur?
FlashGet has a slider which can be used to set the maximum download speed. I
think this is a handy feature to make a quick adjustment without going through
the menus

(PS. 2d  is a wind-up)

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06/21/2002 21:14
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