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Subject: Re: Stop and Finish
Author: William Roeder
Date: 12/02/2010 17:45
> have quite a lot of html.temp files that haven't yet
> graduated to the final html state. I think these are
> incomplete but I'd like to stop where I am and
> finish the unfinished files.
> I would like to stop retrieving new files and
> complete the temp.html files. Is this possible?temp files in internal
processing. They'll be gone once all the links in a html have been downloaded
and the final html with modified links is written.

On a new Download, you can press cancel (once only) it will finish the current
downloads, update whatever is necessary and stop. Check what you got, adjust
parameters, and Continue just fine.

Update and Cancel is broken. Anything not yet processed gets lost and the
following Update will redownload everything else.  Instead, just pause and
resume. Don't kill the program, hibernate (not shutdown.)
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