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Subject: Still: case insensitivity problem
Author: Jarkko Koski
Date: 12/08/2010 14:11
Is there any thoughts/plans/fixes for this problem? We even tried to fix the
case insensitivity on the web site, but are running in to dead end. We need to
start considering other options for having site copy.

> I previously reported (Sep. 30) about the case insensitivity issue. I
> that my previous example worked with the latest httrack, but here's details
> more sophisticated example that still fails.
> Files (unix):
> ./index.html
> ./nav/Page.html
> ./nav/L2/i.html
> Then a symbolic link (to mimic case insensitivity on site)
> ln -s nav Nav
> In the index.html link to nav/Page.html
> In the nav/Page.html point to /nav/L2/i.html
> In the nav/Page.html point to /Nav/L2/i.html
> Httrack downloads all content ok:
> ./index.html
> ./nav
> ./nav/Page.html
> ./nav/L2
> ./nav/L2/i.html
> ./Nav
> ./Nav/L2
> ./Nav/L2/i-2.html
> But ignores the fact that it has placed two versions of i.html in different
> folders.
> The links in the Page.html are:
>  "L2/i.html"
>  "L2/i-2.html"
> where the latter fails and should be "../Nav/L2/i-2.html"
> This has now been tested with 3.43-9C in linux.

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Still: case insensitivity problem

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