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Subject: Re: URL with accents
Author: William Roeder
Date: 12/14/2010 17:17
> But I found:
> <>
> e_control_-_AnĂ¡lisis_Financiero"
That's not a valid URL. URLs are only ascii 32-127 beyond that URLs must be
encoded per spec.

> is saved as:
> .../index.php/Lista_de_control_-_An%C3%A1lisis_Finan
> ciero.html
HTT properly encodes the URL when converting to the local structure.

> and the reference to the file is saved as the
> original:
> .../index.php/Lista_de_control_-_AnĂ¡lisis_Financiero
The file is saved properly, within the limits of the OS and settings.

> So it can not find the referenced file when browsing
> the downloaded site.
Your browser should take the encoded url and find the correct file. They don't
need to match exactly.
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