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Subject: 'Mirroring is Finished' Though it's Not
Author: Lavin
Date: 12/18/2010 12:47
I'm confused. The pc was not shut down but my kid must've done something to
HTTrack so I 'resumed' my download.

It was about about 4G when it stopped or whatever. When I resumed, it was 3.3G
but I quickly went to about 4G and then it declares that mirroring is

I don't think it has really finished at all. I checked into one of the folders
and found partially downloaded videos.

I'm confused as to how HTTrack works. Should I have chosen 'update' instead of
What do I do now? 'Update' right (to complete the mirroring properly)?

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'Mirroring is Finished' Though it's Not

12/18/2010 12:47
Re: 'Mirroring is Finished' Though it's Not

12/19/2010 23:44


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