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Subject: download all files in a folder
Author: teacher
Date: 12/28/2010 10:23
Hello guys!

The website is

I'm trying to download all .doc and .jpg files in a particular folder:

This website has pages eg.
that link to files within that "files" page. But if you go directly to that
"files" page you can't find those files just an index page!

So far, I've used HTT to download those files by monitoring and pressing SKIP
on the unwanted stuff! It's very tedious.

I've read the docs and forums and have got nowhere with filters and various

Also second question, how do I download stuff from links that have ".php" on
the end? 

Thanks in advance! 

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download all files in a folder

12/28/2010 10:23
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12/28/2010 14:40


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