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Subject: CGI lessons learnt...
Author: Filer
Date: 06/23/2002 21:51
Just wasted an hour with a very simple video grabbing exercise, and thought to
remind you all of the trivialities that can waste your precious time ...

Very simple, links which point to files which
opens a download page where the download link is

So scan rules: **mpg very simple huh? Well it does not work. It really
took me more than an hour to realize that hey, there really is stuff AFTER
that "mpg" so the correct scan rule is **mpg* ...and all is fine and
dandy. I was just too concentrated on the idea of a "file" and did not see
that what I'm really trying to do is not getting a "file" but getting that php
script in full, which  then results in my precious porn vid. 

I guess I should do this more often, my HTTRack operator's skill is getting
rusty ...

Please be courteous when using something like this, if you are careless about
the scan depth rules, you may end up downloading all vids in a site at a time
... and that is not nice unless you really mean to do that .

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CGI lessons learnt...

06/23/2002 21:51
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