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Subject: httrackrc not being found on a Windows machine
Author: Cliff Missen
Date: 01/12/2011 06:57
OK.  So I want to move all my command line options to a httrackrc file (and
keep only scan rules in my scanrules.txt file) but I can't seem to get HTTrack
to detect and use the httrackrc file

I put the httrackrc file (no leading dot in Windows) into the same directory
as the httrack executable.  I use the following syntax in the batch file to
change to the HTtrack directory (I've double checked this) and run the

cd \httrack
httrack -O "X:\\,X:\\Cache\\" -%S

I get a good mirror, but neither the doit.log or the results reflect the
options in the htrrackrc file.

Any ideas?
I want to store the httrackrc file in a single location since I'm mirroring
over 1,200 sites these days.  (Many thanks to HTTrack for making this all
possible in the first place!)


-- Cliff

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httrackrc not being found on a Windows machine

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