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Subject: DL subforum threads
Author: Bob
Date: 01/14/2011 04:00

Could someone help.  I want to download all the threads in a sub-section of an
internet forum. 
I thought I understood how to do this from reading the user-help, but I didn't
get the result I expected. 

The forum structure is 

forum root:             <http://www,>
sub-section1:           <http://www,>
sub-section1,thread 1   <http://www,>
sub-section1,thread 2   <http://www,>

i.e. the threadnames aren't subsidiary to the subforum name. 

I tried using the url of the subsection [http://www,
/subsection1name] with an internal 
link depth of default (infinity) which I thought would work, but it only
downloaded the "root" of the 
subsection (i.e. a list of the threadtitles within the subsection, but NOT the
content of the threads).

Clutching at straws, I also tried setting external link depth to 1 and ended
up with Gigabytes of refuse
from all the ads on the site.   

I dont want to download the entire forum (http://www,, so
what settings do I use to just
download the threads in the subsection that I want ? 


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