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Subject: Re: Brickshelf wont copy correctly
Author: William Roeder
Date: 01/20/2011 15:48
> I can't manage to get the right options to copy the
> stuff here : 
> h_t_t_p_:_//_www_._brickshelf_._com/cgi-bin/gallery.
> cgi?m=LRS (just del the "_" to get the link right)
Don't do that, just past the link
Or better yet the actual settings you tried (log file line 2 or doit.log)

> I want the software to copy the directories it leds
> to, like :
> "LRS"
> then :
> 1st-Session
>    00_completion
>    01blablabla

> When I use httrack, the soft copies all other stuff,
> like parrallel directories. Very annoying ^^
> I want all the stuff under "/LRS"
> (/gallery/LRS>stuff i want)
/gallery/LRS is not under /cgi-bin/gallery.cgi...
HTT shouldn't even have gotten any of that. YOU set something that allowed

> but I get all the :
> /gallery/crap1 and sub directories stuff!
/gallery/... is where the full size images are.

> /gallery/crap2 and same as above
> /gallery/crap3 etc
> /gallery/crap4
> /gallery/LRS   <--- yes finally!
> /gallery/crap5
> /gallery/crap6
> /gallery/and more and more and more crap

> It's like httrack doesen't understand I only want
> what's in "/LRS" ! and copies the hole Brickshelf
YOU instructed it to do that, you don't understand how to tell it properly.

So filter! You say you want nothing but the subdirectories and the
-* + */gallery.cgi* + */gallery/LRS/*
I suggest you had no extern = checked so you know where the mirror ends.
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