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Subject: Re: Copying, changing and reposting websites
Author: William Roeder
Date: 01/25/2011 22:42
> I have the approval to copy a website and
> incorporate it into another website.  Will this
> program support the download to a local Hdd, change
> the info, migrate into other website and post?
A mirror is not a copy, it is a static snapshot in time. No server side code,
no databases. Only html output and referenced files.
Forms will not work (require a server) Complicated JS, no full support.
Local references to downloaded files become relative. Non-DLed files stay
absolute. You don't want to use filters or the near flag so external
references (like css/js files) stay external.
If you want to copy a website you do it through the private webmaster side,
not the public html side.

Other than changing links and adding the optional mirrored from comment, HTT
doesn't modify the source html files.
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Copying, changing and reposting websites

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Re: Copying, changing and reposting websites

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