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Subject: last question-phpBB, vBulletin board
Author: Robert
Date: 06/25/2002 22:20
Is it possible to download this boards ?
I tried it, but structure of these boards is very 
complicated and many unuseful pages are downloaded althouhg 
content of these downloaded pages is without relevant 
vontent (i.e. without question and answers to question, but 
with mails of members, profiles of members, preferences of 
members nad so on)

it is very difficult for me to create exclude rules to 
filter these unuseful pages form download.

Is it some easier solution ?

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last question-phpBB, vBulletin board

06/25/2002 22:20
Re: last question-phpBB, vBulletin board

06/25/2002 23:26


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