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Subject: Re: Pbase Download error
Author: William Roeder
Date: 03/04/2011 20:50
> I am not able to download the photos from pbase. For
> example, i tried using
> filtering as mentioned in one of the thread in this
> forum, but it does not work, can anyone help me
No mind readers here. Can't comment on what you tried because you didn't post
the command used (log file line 2 or doit.log)

If you looked at the html you would see IMG
src= ... The images aren't stored on the
starting site. You need to either add filters or just use the near flag (get
non-html related)

> I do not have the password of the pbase link for
> which i need to download, any possibilities to
> download such link?If there was, what would be the value of a password?
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