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Subject: HTTrack and World IPv6 Day
Author: Xavier Roche
Date: 03/06/2011 14:50
Dear users,

Just a small note to say that HTTrack will participate to the World IPv6 Day (
<> ) on 8 June, 2011. During this day, the main site, the download section, and the forum, will be reachable
through both IPv6 or IPv4 protocols. This experiment will be a worldwide test
before the progressive switch to this new protocol. Time is running out: we
will soon ran out of IPv4 addresses, as free pools have all been allocated now
( <> ).

HTTrack has been providing native IPv6 compatibility for ten years now (the
3.20 release introduced the feature, with full support, including RFC 2732
syntax URLs), and will happily switch the site to dual stack on this day.
[ Note: in the meantime, <> (and
<> :p) is already available for all IPv6 fans. ]

Ten years ago, it was a bit tricky to have a fully functional IPv6 stack on
many operating systems -- Windows 2000 had a first IPv6 stack preview (with
beta-versions of in6_addr structures), and Linux was still having issues
(especially with routing). Nevertheless this feature was enthusiastically
added to the core HTTrack engine, to be ready the day this new protocol would
be mainstream.

We invite you to be ready, too: ask your Internet Service Provider to offer
you a dual-stack connectivity to be ready on 8 June!

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