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Subject: Re: FAKKU website
Author: William Roeder
Date: 03/06/2011 14:58
> So I'll just copy the url of the result page right
> and paste it on httrack? 
This will work assuming the url is sufficient (the site doesn't depend on url
plus cookies).

> Im confused on which action
> to choose though.. Download Web / Download Web+Q /
> Get Seperated Files / DL all sites on page. I was
Get Separated is when you only want one page per URL
All in page is when you have too many URLs to put in the box, so you put them
in a text file and use the file URL.

> is it possible to only download link which is from
> fakku only and ignore the advertisement links? Can
The default is to download from the starting site only.
If you use the near flag (get non-html related) then it will get CSS, JS,
images, etc. from where ever.
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