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Subject: Re: http access via HTTrack
Author: William Roeder
Date: 03/15/2011 14:32
> I'm trying to access the an http hosted website with
> user name/password, which I already know.

> The php script is downloaded via Httrack, but how do
> a parse this ?.
You can NOT get php, cgi, asp, sql or any other server side code from the
public side of a web server, only the html output and referenced files.

> Supposily, every link would need to have access,
> therefor the username/password combo should be
> passed. But the question is, how ?A mirror is a collection of files, no PW
needed, no server needed.

Next time post the command line used (log file line two or doit.log) and any
relevant messages from the log.
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