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Subject: Capture threads
Author: Susan
Date: 03/16/2011 05:46
Hello fella's

I need to copy various threads off a vbulletin forum (v4.1.1) I have the
thread details from my AWstats so that is straight forward I hope. I do not
want anything except the text in these threads although the out links would be
handy. The robot text as per page source seems to be required from what I read
on here. It is :name="robots" content="noindex,follow"

I am totally cold when it comes to HTT and am pretty clueless when it comes to
the jargon you guys use.

Can someone please walk me through what I need to do in baby steps please

Thanks fella's


Ps. this is a little urgent and if I am correct I think I only have 1 shot at
getting this right before I get locked out.

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