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Subject: Order of Page processing
Author: Dark-Sider
Date: 04/01/2011 00:14

I'm trying to mirror a site with httrack. So far things are looking quite
good. I got the form-based login thingy to work and set up some filters - I
also disabled the security limits.

The website consists of dynamic .php pages. 

WinHTTrack just grabs all .php files and converts them to html or to tmp.html.
All videos ord pictures that are linked on those file are not (yet) processed.
Why? It looks like as if httrack tries to get all html-content before starting
with pictures and videos. 

The "get hmtl first" options is disabled.

Is this behaviour normal? Am I doing sth. wrong?

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Order of Page processing

04/01/2011 00:14
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