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Subject: Re: programme crashed
Author: Helene
Date: 04/09/2011 09:35
> > > > Where do I find the log file? 
> > > <basePath><MirrorName>
> > In which window or under which menu?> 
> Windows explorer
I think I am not technically oriented enough to know what you are talking
about. Upon opening the location of the project with windows explorer, I only
see a list of folders in the project, including hts-cache -- there is no
text-type window where I can enter this command. 
The problem solved itself when I downloaded to the hard drive instead of to
the data-drive. --- Even the depth thing works: selecting a depth of 10 and
external depth 0 works and produces a file of just over 2 GB with only a few
subfiles; Selecting a depth of 5 with external depth 1 works -- producing a
file of just over 2 GB with lots and lots of subfiles. .... But a ratio of
10:1 produces a huge file (still downloading) of over 10GB, which seems not to
stop. I think it just matters how "well connected/linked" the site in question
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