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Subject: Web form catcher
Author: Jared
Date: 04/16/2011 07:58
I dunno if anyone else has issues or weather its just only with catching form
based sites, but with everything set up correctly, (Website captured into
Httrack, and all settings/filters added (if required), hTtrack quickly errors
after starting.

However going back and simply just accepting everything as starting, Updating
exsisting download as now required, httack starts a o.k

Anyone notice this ?
Its can't be network connection as it happens everytime i start a new project
(have only captures form based ones for now so can't be sure weather this
could be it)

I have touched the settings or address since it starting httrack
application.... But why would this go though the second time, not the first ?
Is this only an issue with form based?

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Web form catcher

04/16/2011 07:58
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