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Subject: cache
Author: Jared
Date: 04/18/2011 17:27
When your dealing with "Mirror Aborted" messages, how can you tell weather to
keep the current cache or restore the old one ?.

Particularly, when you've a large amount in both cases.

PS. The idea of two caches kinds of confuses people, and may/will lead to
incomplete data. Even now, I see various files it have previously download but
another one with the same name .tmp extension (meaning its probably a cache
for that file)  based on the fact its still there, probably means unless you
compare with the original, its probably not complete.

Solution, would be to just use one cache only, and not two. After comparing
file/folder sizes, Httrack would either continue/resume (if server supports
this), or delete the incomplete file and re download..

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