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Subject: Re-scan
Author: Jared
Date: 04/21/2011 07:51
When HTtrack appends to a mirror project, it re-scans and verifies with
websever that the files ar up to date as per the faq:

A: First, HTTrack always rescans all local pages to reconstitute the website
structure, and it can take some time. Then, it asks the server if the files
that are stored locally are up-to-date. On most sites, pages are not updated
frequently, and the update process is fast. ....

However, this is not enough... what is it actually doing..... technically that
is... as going through 60MB in 2 hours just to rescan ?   And, yes that is
doing, as no files i'm grabbing are regularly updated. 60MB sounds quite a lot
just to say "i'm up to date" and since its phasing all links again. it look me
20 hours or so to grab them...

By this logic... this would mean it would take 20 hours just to "see"
everything is updated.... which is simply not on...  I mean,,, it may be
verifying with server, but it comparing to a Local cache....and files....


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