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Subject: Suggestion for a improvement
Author: leja
Date: 04/26/2011 01:12
I suggest the implementation of a new rule in HTTrack to "parse page X and save
to disk only the sub-links to other pages".

I suggest also, a way to process a directory of our harddisk with HTTrack and
filtering the pages and links found.

I am collecting some pages about programming found only on "The Wayback
Machine", and one thing that annoys me is that there is a page between each
link put by the site, that I would wish to remove and parse only its

The filtering option would be good to do the hard job of reorganizing the
directory struture of our mirrors, and for my case, fix the pages I mirrored
from "The Wayback Machine".

Thanks. :)

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04/26/2011 01:12
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