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Subject: Re: Office 2007 .docx, .xlsx not downloading
Author: William Roeder
Date: 05/06/2011 20:10
> have added +*.docx +*.xlsx to the scan rules. The
> hyperlink are directly to the documents (example -
> <>). HTTrack seems
> to be totally ignoring these documents and the
> hyperlinks do not even show up in the debug report.
> It does build the offline page with the correct
> hyperlink in the menu but the document is not there.
Don't say what you did, post the actual command line (log file line2 or
doit.log) so we know exactly what you did do.

What do you mean the correct link in the menu, http link to the original site
or a filename the mirror?
It may be that the site isn't returning a valid mime type for those
extensions. Try adding two mime associations in the options.
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Office 2007 .docx, .xlsx not downloading

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Re: Office 2007 .docx, .xlsx not downloading

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