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Subject: httrack --continue behaviour
Author: Pics_freek
Date: 05/22/2011 14:04
I've read all existing topics about this in the forum.

It appears that httrack, when continuing downloads, restarts downloading from
the beginning, I'm aware of the fact that when we 'continue', httrack will
check all non-html files. This appears to be taking a lot of time (like 8
hours), can we turn this off? If not I think this's a good and useful feature
request which will be used by a lot of people.

I've a site which has links to a lot of php pages, whenever I continue these
are rechecked completely (10,000) links.

Adding php,php3,asp => text/html in the MIME section does not work.

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httrack --continue behaviour

05/22/2011 14:04


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