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Subject: Re: Suggestions mirroring TrueCrypt Doc?
Author: William Roeder
Date: 06/01/2011 17:00
> I tried getting the TrueCrpyt documentation using
> the url <> but does not
> work. After finishing mirroring, the mirrored site
> tries to accesses the web. No content is displayed.

1) Always post the command line used (log file line 2 or doit.log)
2) I always run with No External Pages checked so you know where the mirror
3) Most of the pdf's are stored externally, use the near flag (get non-html
files related = checked)

4) The page contains this JS:
if (top.location.href.substring(10,25) != [".truecrypt.", "org"].join("")
&& top.location.href.substring(10,25) != [".truecrypt.", "org/"].join("")
&& top.location.href.substring(11,26) != [".truecrypt.", "org/"].join(""))
	":/", "/www", ".truecrypt." 
	, "org", "/docs/"].join(""));
Which I read as a redirect back to the web. HTT is mirroring the site fine but
the browser goes back online when opening the mirror. Use HTT to get the pdfs
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Suggestions mirroring TrueCrypt Doc?

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Re: Suggestions mirroring TrueCrypt Doc?

06/01/2011 17:00
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