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Subject: HTTrack closing after mirror
Author: dnt
Date: 07/04/2002 22:01
Hi there, two questions: Is there a way of stopping the 
HTTrack application (RC3) from automatically closing after 
(During???) a mirror?  I'm running RC3 on Win2000 and the 
programme seems to be closing either part way through a 
mirror or after it. I'm mirroring 29 URLs daily fom a .TXT 
file and each time I do a new mirror its always a 'Continue 
interupted mirror' Secondly HTTRack seems to be looking at 
some sites links pages and ignoring the 'No external pages' 
option and mirroring those sites.  There seems to be no 
consistency in the way it applies the no external pages 
option - or is there? Thanks for all your recent work on 
this excellent programme! cheers, dnt

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