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Subject: Infinite capture
Author: Defender
Date: 06/16/2011 17:31
Hey guys ! First of all, sorry for my bad english _o/
I have a problem, I started capturing a website yesterday (, and even
if I knew it would take a long time because its a very big website, I dont
understand something, yesterday night, it was still at 96??/9822(+191) and it
is still at the same point (+191) 

21h38 for 781 MB, its strangely lenght.
I didnt change any options, is there some thing in this website that makes an
infinite generation, and so its not possible to download this site ?
If yes, which option should I change, and Im I oblige to cancel this download,
and to lose all those bytes ? :/
Or maybe should I wait ?Thanks for your help, for this forum, and for this

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