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Subject: Re: Waiting between downloads?
Author: Xavier Roche
Date: 07/05/2002 18:43
> Is there currently a way for HTTrack to wait a set amount 
> of time before downloading the next file?  I am trying to 
> mirror a site that has a 300pages/hour policy, but even 
> the slowest speed (200B/s, max 1 connection/sec) it is 
> going over that limit.
> If there is no current way to do this, I'd like to 
> recommend this as a feature for the next revision.

No, there isn't any way for now, but this might be an 
interesting idea. By the way, you can lower the speed to a 
lowest value, even 50B/s. (lower values are not very 
reliable) - but this will slow down the mirror :)

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