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Subject: Re:
Author: Xavier Roche
Date: 07/07/2002 17:14
> I'm not able to prevent HTTTrack 3.20 from reloading 
> locally deleted files.

Can't reproduce the bug.. the normal behaviour with 'do not 
redownload locally erased files' should be to create an 
empty (0 bytes) file with same name as the one which was 
erased.. if not, please provide a bogus URL, I'll track the 

> Checking 'do not re-download locally erased files' in 
> WinHTTrack has no effect, either: The deleted files 
> reapear in the mirror when updating.

Reappear.. empty, or full?
> P.S. This and my other question about %L are crucial to 
> recent project in constructing a search engine for pages 
> with *scriptable* physics applets (Physlets) using 

Fixed, I'll try to upload a new release today
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"not re-download locally erased files" doesnt work

07/07/2002 14:10

07/07/2002 17:14
I can reproduce it

07/07/2002 18:38
Re: I can reproduce it

07/07/2002 21:43
Apache was not well prepared for ETag

07/07/2002 22:22


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