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Subject: Re: filters
Author: Bandit
Date: 07/05/2011 15:01
Once you use HTT a lot, you'll see how often it will download stuff you don't
want.  I find it easier to restrict a lot and then be specific with what you
do want, allowing it to download only the good stuff.

The /p* just happens to work because the URL's for all of the properties
begins with a "p".

The first filter "-*" actually tells HTT to not download anything.  Since the
filters work left to right, the +*.css and +*.jpg tells HTT to download all
files with only those extensions.  The last one tells it to follow the links
to all the properties (and nothing else, except Portugal, lol).

You can play around and tweak and accomplish most things in multiple ways with
starting urls, filters, limits, etc.  So the answer to your question is 'yes'
there is surely a way to get the second page without specifying it as a
starting url, but to do so may require expanding the mirror to much more than
you want.  I'd stick with it the way I put it if I were you, but feel free to
look around and play with it to find out how to use HTT more efficiently.  You
can begin here: 
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