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Subject: Re: Verifying
Author: William Roeder
Date: 07/08/2011 14:26
> interrupted" due to a crash previously, HTtrack's
> websites states, a"it may take a long time"', but
<> states it can take some time, not a
long time. He's talking 10 minutes or so max.

> based the download speed, I'm downloading at roughly
Once it starts downloading the initial rescan is done.

> max speed. if is was just verifying, sure it would
> still be slow, based to how much the user has done
> already, but it shouldn't be downloading anything
> (especially at full speed). Is this normal?Everything not processed at the
time of the crash is gone from the cache and must be redownloaded.

> How long roughly would it just to compare, roughly?> 1 week?  Or more
Checking for updated files depends on the round trip time to the server. I get
approximately 3 per second, so a 30,000 file mirror takes 28 hours.
Downloading depends on the size of the files and your connection.
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