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Subject: Re: compiling winhttrack
Author: Xavier Roche
Date: 07/08/2002 20:27
> it has been a week now , i tried to compile winhttrack 
> no luck .

- Create a folder in C: called Dev\Winhttrack\ (this will 
be simpler and will avoid modifying the profile)
- Copy all files from src_win\WinHTTrack\ AND src\ in 
- Download ( the windows binary libraries, and 
ensure that you extract them into C:\Dev\zlib so that 
C:\Dev\zlib\dll32\zlib.lib can be found

The openssl part is quite hard (install of cygwin, 
compiling in commandline), you can skip it by adding in 
htssystem.h the line:
.. but you won't have https (ssl)

You can also add:
#define HTS_INET6 0

If you didn't install the VC6 ipv6 headers

> now , isn't it possible to provide me a link to a 
> compressed file containing the 
> directory 'C:Devzlibdll32' ,
> so i can compile directly ?
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