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Subject: * * WinHTTrack/HTTrack 3.20RC4 is available!
Author: Xavier Roche
Date: 07/09/2002 20:24
Two major fixes for the RC4 were merged:
+ Fixed: URL list crashes
+ Fixed: Random crashes with large sites due to bogus 
naming handler

If you encountered sudden crashes when mirroring, please 
upgrade to RC4, which should fix this problem (else, please 
mail me with detailed information such as URL, options used 
(winhttrack.ini attached if possible)), thanks!

The design is also evolving thanks to Leto, and the ugly 
icons/backgrounds are at last abandonned :)

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* * WinHTTrack/HTTrack 3.20RC4 is available!

07/09/2002 20:24
not yet?

07/11/2002 15:44
Re: not yet?

07/11/2002 19:52
Got it

07/12/2002 14:00


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