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Subject: Grab MP3 from source
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Date: 08/13/2011 10:13
There is a directory I'm trying to download that does not have an index.html.
The mp3 files in this directory are accessed via a "download.php" link.

However, in the source of each html file, there is a direct URL to download
the mp3 ( wrapped in javascript. Unfortunately,
I can't get httrack to download the mp3s. It downloads everything else BUT the
mp3 files. I'm assuming this is because the direct mp3 link isn't embedded in
the page as a link for the user to download.

I just need httrack to search all html files on this domain for mp3 files and
only download those and nothing else. I've tried this many different ways
including having httrack search javascript and to no avail... I can't get it
to work right.


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Grab MP3 from source

08/13/2011 10:13
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