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Subject: Increase speed in Win version
Author: zen
Date: 08/14/2011 14:02
I have read a lot of threads about increasing speed but I don't know anything.

I think that the best solution to increase needed time will be increasing
quantity of connections and increasing transfer speed.

I have 25Mbit internet access in place where I would like to start the
backup/download process.

I would like to do as good as possible mirror of my website in time as short
as possible. I have good service, where I host my website, but I would like to
be sure that they don't block my IP when these connections in big speed will
be lot.

In sum, I woudl like to buy my website at good, stable hosting provider, I
have 25Mbit and I would like to do it as good as possible. And fast :)

I'm using WinHTTrack, so what should I set in mirror properties? 

How should like the command line command? I would like to backup all of items
on my webiste, texts, images,etc. Site is in PHP

I know, that similar topics are a lot, but I can't find neede information
there :((

Best regards

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Increase speed in Win version

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