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Subject: Incorrect Filenames when downloaded
Author: Michael
Date: 09/05/2011 02:57
I am using v3.44 with Win 7 64bit.  I have finally found a way to download the
files from <> .  This
took me a LONG time to figure out and my work around was to create an excel
file starting at download.php?id=1 and just creating links up to
download.php?id=5000.  I know this probably isn't the best way but I couldn't
find any other way to get the program to actually get the "download.php?id="
link.  Anyway, now that I have that working I cannot get the filenames to work
correctly.  I have tried EVERY combination under the "Build" tab and it either
uses a filename of "Download.jpg" or "download8f23.jpg" not as
"Aeon_Flux_Scan_Label_D1_DVDcoversfuzion_original.jpg" like when I click on it
and save it in IE9 or Chrome.  

Any ideas on how to save it with the correct name would be greatly
appreciated.  Having all the cover art without the proper name would be worse
than just going to each page individually and manually downloading them. LOL!

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Incorrect Filenames when downloaded

09/05/2011 02:57
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