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Subject: Catchurl doesn't catch my login
Author: LongInteger
Date: 09/05/2011 22:20
Hi guys,

I'm trying to use catchurl. I have done this:

Set your browser's preferences to:

	Proxy's address:
	Proxy's port: 	8080

The URL is: <>postfile:hts-post7">;
You can capture it through: httrack

I'm trying to copy all the whole forum. It is hosted by a multiforum manager
and the variable "mforum=FUBAR" selects the forum FUBAR, which is what I want
to scan. 

So, I'm doing this:

httrack <>postfile:hts-post7">; -O
"/home/mystery/Mirrors/Test" "-*" "+*FUBAR*" -v

Or even I'm trying to copy only one thread:
httrack <>postfile:hts-post4">; -O
"/home/mystery/Mirrors/Avispero" "-*" "+*viewtopic.php?t=200*&mforum=FUBAR"

But it seems that I only get the login page and no more else.

What am I doing wrong?

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09/05/2011 22:20
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