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Subject: Mirror won't follow nested .php?id=xx
Author: Mike
Date: 09/06/2011 16:52
I am trying to mirror a site that uses flash to display cartoons.  The flash
player for an individual cartoon is loaded by clicking on a link statement


which Httrack turns into 

Httrack creates the page indexf4d6.html and indexf4d6.php. When I browse the
mirrored site, the page is loaded correctly, and the flash player is loaded,
but the flash content is not displayed.  Instead, I get an error in the flash
player that says "error loading xml".  This is because the indexf4d6.html page
has a js statement:

var flashvars = {
			xml_path: "xml.php?id=024"
for that particluar cartoon, but apparetnly Httrack is not parsing the
"xml.php?id=24" line.

I do have "get non-HTML files" checked.

How can I get httrack to parse the xml.php script and retrieve the correct

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Mirror won't follow nested .php?id=xx

09/06/2011 16:52
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