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Subject: Re: Serialize error on a big site
Author: digdug
Date: 09/07/2011 04:56
> Hi I was mirroring a big site for many days and
> hibernated the system many times (but I did not
> pause it, however). The problem is that sometimes a
> phantom job appeared in the list of files being
> mirrored. In these times, it only disappeared when I
> changed the browser id of HTTrack (to any other).
> And at another time, appeared numerous serialize
> errors and after this, HTTrack terminated the
> mirroring.
> At first look, everything is ok.
> My question, is that if these problems can mean that
> the other files were corrupted at some time?
PS. Even worse, can it mean that the entire mirroring was interrupted early,
before it could download all files?
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