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Subject: HTTrack incorrectly intercepting website url's???
Author: Derfel
Date: 09/07/2011 12:25
We are experiencing difficulties with a site we have designed and manage ... and whilst the issue may be outside the remit of this
forum, any guidance would be most welcome.

When we view the site from different physical locations and using a range of
different browsers and indeed different devices, the url whilst initially
starting as will subsequently display in the address bar as

However, momentarily a page appears which appears to be a HTTrack page. It is
displayed too quickly to fully view and analyse for full content. It has
however only been appearing since the doubling of the url started last Friday
the 2nd September 2011.

To the best of our knowledge (we have to take clients word here) no changes
have been made to code, pages or files. Looking at the files on the server,
the only files with date stamps that vary with the installation date of April
2009 are indeed the error log files in <root> and <admin>.

Any guidance would be appreciated

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HTTrack incorrectly intercepting website url's???

09/07/2011 12:25
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09/10/2011 18:03


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