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Subject: Getting ASP instead of HTML?
Author: Vjeetn
Date: 09/15/2011 20:49
Hi everyone,

After many reading, many hours and countless attempts I finally managed to
copy the site I want (at least it looks like I'm ripping all the content so
far) but I'm running in to a problem here.

Instead of HTML pages I get ASP. I tried renaming one to HTML and then it
works but I had to stop the copying as I don't want ASP but HTML.
I set MIME types like this:
php3,php,php4,php2,cgi,asp,jsp,pl,cfm > text/html

Yet, I end up with ASP?Any help is much appreciated!

Some extra info:
The site I'm copying uses all kinds of ASP pages incl. redirecting such as
login_.asp, _login2.asp, ... but somehow I managed to copy :D
I added all kinds of links (such as the ones above) and when I used the GET
URL option with the proxy settings I didn't see a confirmation page (like the
tutorial describes). However there was suddenly a link in HTTrack. The
weirdest thing is that the link is
And the site I'm copying is not nor does it have any twitter apps
or whatever on the site.
It's as if this website logs you in through twitter or something idk. (I don't
have a twitter account fyi).
Really weird stuff...

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